Marketing Team of AlbanianSkills

With its slogan – We Promote Professional Skills – AlbanianSkills aims to promote and cultivate competitiveness, meritocracy among young people, successes achieved through work and high professional standards. The annual competitions of the past three years have produced their first fruits. Numerous stories from participants in competitions or volunteers who have contributed to annual events 

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Ajorda Ciba: We have to work together to succeed

I accidentally discovered Albanian Skills by a friend who is a volunteer there. She sent me a link where I could apply because according to her, Albanian Skills was a beautiful experience. Then I decided to look for more information about Albanian Skills on its website(www.albanianskills.org). Personally, I have always liked to take part in 

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Xhenis Lepeja: Volunteers Are the Spirit of the Team

I discovered Albanian Skills through the social network “Facebook“. It seemed to me very interesting and I thought to give     my contribution as a volunteer. I am a person who loves new experiences and why not challenging myself. That’s how I saw “Albanian Skills 2017”, a mysterious challenge I was eager to try. I have 

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Seeing Göteborg

What a city it is at night! All the lights makes it feel like Christmas is around the corner! All the shops decorated with the Christmas Spirit. Gorgeous! So sad to see the days come close to an end and our return home closer! Until next time Göteborg!

AlbanianSkills 2016 – simply awesome!

With great pleasure and pride we look back at the Albanian Skills Competitions 2016! Thanks to highly motivated competitors, a crew of fantastic volunteers, interesting partners with cool attractions and supportive Albanian companies, the second edition of our competitions was a huge success! Wow! Those who were not present on 7th May 2016 at TEG, have 

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