Skills Forum 2017

Albanian Skills Forum 2017

Friday, 26. May 2017, 18:00 @ Protik ICT Resource Center, Tirana

The networking event – exclusively for invited partners and companies.


  • Welcome note from WorldSkills Europe
    Mr. Tommy Hellström – Interim President WorldSkills Europe – Sweden
  • Why Skills Competitions in Albania?
    Ms. Ana Zacharian – Co-Initiator of Albanian Skills
  • The importance of the private sector in education
    Mr. Mario Rusca – Head of Vocational Education – ICT Berufsbildung Schweiz (Swiss ICT Association) – Switzerland
  • About the war for talents
    Mr. Stephan Leiser – Co-Initiator of Albanian Skills & Business Owner – Switzerland
  • It’s time to raise innovation one level above and design skills for the future!
    Mr. Admir Shehu – Sales Manager – Schneider Electric – Albania
  • Skills to inspire the future
    Ms. Arlinda Baci – Managing Director – Emar Design & Publicity – Albania
  • People is crucial to everything we do and why we are successfully operating in Albania
    Ms. Stela Pepa – Environmental & CSR Manager – Antea Cement – Albania
  • Managing the hotel from your tablet. Are still skilled workforces needed for the companies?
    Mr. Albi Zhulali – Founder & CEO – Softmogul - Albania
  • Visiting live the Albanian Skills Competitions
  • Cocktail & Networking