Skills Forum 2019

Forum of Skills for Future 2019

Let’s contribute to a better Albania for younger generation to live a decent life, with passion of skills and power of work.

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Albanian Skills represents a pioneering venture, and a unique permanent initiative that contributes to the promotion of needed skills and young talented people through involvement of the local private sector participation. Albanian Skills believes strongly in quality qualifications and skills competitions as a prominent force behind the economic growth in Albania.

From the year 2014, both initiators with longstanding experience in the field of the vocational education respectively in Albania and Switzerland together with a team of very dedicated professionals, agreed to initiate the first Professional Skills Competitions in Albania under the Albanian Skills initiative to promote skills and contributing to improve the recognition and status of professional skills in the Albanian society.

With four editions and participation of about 200 participants in 8 trades each year, now Albanian Skills has accumulated a wide experience with the private sector engagement, awareness raising of young people for the importance of skills and is sustainably growing in a very inspiring initiative in the country. The main inspiration of its organisers comes from WorldSkills Europe and WorldSkills International and their objective is to make possible that the young Albanian talents, resulting winners from the Yearly Skills Competition, can participate to different international championships and in Euro & World Skills Competitions.

The fifth edition of Skills Competitions comes with new activities and trades that are emerging in the developing economy. The Forum of Skills and Work 2019 is going to be an important event of the Albanian Skills Week which will gather different stakeholders and actors of the community, local and international business sector and public bodies to discuss in a high professional environment the most important topics that arise in the field of skills development and employability in Albania in order to build a  joint prospect in developing the creative and innovative potential of young people in Albania in the future. Attention will be drawn to issues focusing on youth, innovation and skills so as to develop a sustainable environment with more focus on:

  • Skills development, competitiveness and innovation. Vocational training contextualization in Albania. Educational and employment generation public policies; productive development policies (community, industry and social partners interactions).
  • Skills and social development. Valuation and attractiveness of vocational training to young people; linkage between primary education and qualification frameworks; professional training aiming risk and social vulnerability reduction; employability.
  • Tackling the skills gap in the economy, skills mismatches that hold back productivity and development. Improvement of quality and productivity in business.

The fifth edition of National Skills Competitions will be held during 6-12 May 2019 and Albanian Skills has the pleasure to invite you to this festival of skills to be inspired, to contribute and to be part of the future!

This fifth edition is an important step in Albanian Skills’ journey. This initiative takes pride of excellent records in these years of the implementation of Skills Competitions and the organising team would be delighted if you as a valuable member of this vivid community could join the Skills Forum, to exchange, networking and celebrate in a cool and friendly local and international business and education community. This will be also an excellent opportunity for everyone to design and build new partnerships in the field of skills and work for future in this changing world.


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