Preparing the 10 selected INTERVET WB students for their journey in Italy / English Classes Remarks

In the framework of the INTERVET WB project, ten students of Vocational Education Schools from Albania have been selected to participate in a 1-month internship in Italy which will take place this summer. On the eve of the organizing of these professional practices, the multidimensional preparation of students for this experience and to benefit as 

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The newest initiative of Albanian Skills! Focus groups with VET students in Albania.

It is our strong belief that student status can no longer be seen simply as a passive “receiving” and beneficiary in the overall chain of the education system. They are sometimes steps ahead in these transformational changes of the world due to digitisation of the entire life and therefore they should be seen equally involved 

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Future Skills for 2020s_A New Hope

We are happy to come through this report on the vocational subjects of the future initiated by WorldSkills Russia and realized by Global Education Futures with a great support of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills member countries and regions. This report is for Vocational Education & Training practitioners & policy shapers, the WorldSkills movement, business people, 

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Albanian Skills 2020

Gëzuar Festat! Season’s Greetings!

Të nderuar miq dhe bashkëpunëtorë të Albanian Skills, Gjejmë rastin që në këtë fundvit t’ju shprehim falenderimet tona të sinqerta për kontributin tuaj të çmuar në arritjen e qëllimeve dhe objektivave tona të përbashkëta. Ky ishte një vit i vështrë për të gjithë, por ne ja dolëm mbanë të vërtetojmë se me bashkëpunim dhe vullnet 

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