Visit Tirana

Europe’s Last Exotic Capital

This metropolitan capital has undergone modernization at lightning speed while much of its Ottoman, Italian, and communist architecture recall its history and old-world spirit. There are plenty of churches, mosques, museums, galleries, and shopping malls to visit, but Tirana is most giving when you immerse yourself in it. The best way to discover this city is to take a leisurely walk through its diverse neighborhoods and streets, where you will discover its rich authenticity in each and every corner! Surrounded by a beautiful lake on one side and the Dajti Mountain on the other, this capital may actually bring you closer to nature. With more beautiful cafes (some say they serve the best coffee in Europe!) and delicious restaurants per square meter than most European cities – not to mention the vibrant nightlife all days of the week – the city pulls you back to the enjoyment and pleasures of life.