We are the exciting and energetic volunteer community of AlbanianSkills. We contribute to our future. We shape our future. We make great things happen. Without us, there would be no AlbanianSkills Competitions. WE ARE ALBANIANSKILLS!

volunteer-liberta-web “You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

>>> Hello to every one of you! My name is Liberta. Graduated in MsC Biomadical Engineer, a nature lover, a hiker, a book and knowledge obsessed person and at the end of the day I totally agree with what M.L.King has stated. It is not what we know, not what we take, it is what we give. It may seem as altruism but deep inside is egoism, a good one. Because when you give your time, willingness, smile, effort for values like AlbanianSkills stands for, you satisfy yourself with the feeling that you are able to have an impact for a better future. Let it be a small one, like being there and give support during the competition process or support on the organization of side events. These have been my “duties” during AlbanianSkills. I am open and always ready to help as much as I can this kind of activities that aim to build a better today-and-future life for people. I encourage each of you to try a volunteer experience at least once in life and I do believe that since you are reading our profiles your soul generates grace.

volunteer-gledis-sabrina >>> Hello everyone! We are Sabrina and Gledis. We are 20 years old and we both have a professional background in computer science. We’ve been engaging in volunteering in different organizations, taking up roles as event and project creation and management, leading a team and so on for a period of almost 2 years now. We heard about AlbanianSkills on Facebook and we couldn’t say no to supporting the promotion of young Albanians and their skills. We are responsible for social media and we showcase the AlbanianSkills Competition online and in real time. It requires time and hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun and it opens the doors to meet new people and discover new opportunities. We definitely recommend this to everyone! See you at AlbanianSkills Competitions next year!
volunteer-meriton “In this life we cannot do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

>>> I am Meritoni, 19 years old and student at the Degree of Informatics. One might think that volunteering only has to do with giving or contributing something of itself. However, for me it is the opposite and I get back a big payback through new acquaintances, new contacts, and new friends. I volunteer for AlbanianSkills since 2016 in various tasks, mainly preparing the infrastructure for the competitions. I am happy to be part of this interesting initiative, which is growing with every year. In order to really feel the unique feeling of what Albanian Skills gives you, you have to experience it yourself. I therefore invite all of you to become part of AlbanianSkills, whether as a competitor, a volunteer or a sponsor.

volunteer-livia-web-1 >>> My name is Livia. I am 21 years old. I am from Tirana and I study sociology at the University of Tirana. I’m currently working as a sales agent at an ecological colors company. I assist AlbanianSkills by informing the guests at an information desk. Volunteering for AlbanianSkills is such a pleasure. I can work with great people, I can learn many things from them and thereby we all have a lot of fun. We invite young people from Albania to show their skills and their potential. Come and show what you can. It’s time to move!
volunteer-rebeka-web >>> Hello! My name is Rebeka. I’m 20 years old and I study Information and Communication Technology at the faculty of nature science. I volunteer for AlbanianSkills since 2016 and it is a big pleasure to be part of this awesome team. In my first year as volunteer I ran an information desk and now with more experience I support other volunteers who need help. Volunteering at AlbanianSkills is always a great time and I’m already looking forward for the next edition of this event.
volunteer-kyd >>> Hi, I am Kyd, 19 years old. I am from Durrës and I study Multimedia and Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Tirana. My first experience as volunteer has already started in 2007-2008 in a Magic Carpet Summer Camp in Durrës. For AlbanianSkills I volunteer from the very beginning in the year 2015 and I really like the energy, friendly staff and the growing public interest for this initiative. I very much love the idea to promote and support skills of youngsters and their professional careers. Being engaged as volunteer at EuroSkills 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, is another personal highlight and excellent experience. The great enthusiasm and energy inspired me a lot. Volunteering for AlbanianSkills includes many different aspects I can learn from: happy moments, heavy moments and also networking with peers. I can’t wait to next edition and invite all youngsters to join us and this unique experience. See you soon!
volunteer-armela-web >>> Hi there! I am Armela, 21 years old. Recently I have finished my studies in sociology at the University of social sciences. For the moment I work as an operator in a call center. I volunteer for AlbanianSkills as hostess, caring for competitors, guests and visitors. This gives me a great opportunity to gain experience and to be part of a cool and wonderful team.
volunteer-entela-web >>> Hello, my name is Entela. I am from Tirana and I study sociology at the University of Tirana. I decided to volunteer for AlbanianSkills to learn new things and to work together with nice people from different professions, cultures and with different educational backgrounds. AlbanianSkills is just amazing, funny and full of energy. I work with interesing people and learn how to improve my own skills. It’s a great experience and I feel very happy for being part of AlbanianSkills. I hope to see you next year!
volunter-ajorda-1 >>> My name is Ajorda. I am from Burrel and like some of my volunteering colleagues, I study sociology at the University of Tirana. At AlbanianSkills I assist the registration of the competitors and the info point. It is very exciting to meet the different people and to help them to find their way in the location and to let them feel welcome and comfortable. Volunteering for AlbanianSkills is work but also a lot of fun. In addition, I can even train and improve my own abilities. Whenever possible, I want to be part of AlbanianSkills next year as well and I am already looking forward to meet you as a competitor, visitor or volunteer.