First Albanian Skills Week

Inspired by the European Vocational Skills Week 2017, and the very inspirational and fruitful participation of our representative in the activities organised in Brussels, 22- 24 November 2017, we initiated the first Albanian Skills Week on 7-12 May 2018.

Albanian Skills is an initiative comprising senior and young local and international professionals who established the first National Skills Competitions in Albania in 2015. On May 2019, we will hold the 5th Edition of National Skills Competitions and the 2nd Albanian Skills Week.

The first Albanian Skills Week 2018 proved to be a brilliant and fruitful networking experience, which provided learning and practicing opportunities for involved stakeholders and celebrated VET excellence.

Over 1,000 VET learners and teachers, university students and professors, young professionals, employed and unemployed, VET experts and professionals from other fields have participated, contributed and exchanged ideas throughout the Albanian Skills Week 2018. The week, which included 21 events, was based on the Triple Helix cooperation model aiming to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization in VET.

The week was packed full with training sessions, workshops, forums, competitions, open-door-company days, and children championships. It was made possible with the full support of an excellent voluntary network comprising hundreds of professionals and young volunteers, and around 30 schools, universities and companies from the private sector.