INTERVET WB Project: Successes and Milestones at Transnational Brussels Meeting

We are excited to announce the success of our recent Brussels meeting! The gathering was both productive and eventful as we discussed crucial project aspects.

To begin, we ensured that all financial and administrative matters were handled successfully. We addressed any arising issues and resolved them to ensure the project’s smooth operation.

We dedicated a significant amount of time to discuss project communication effectiveness and explored ways to enhance our dissemination methods.

During a “World Café” session, we collaborated to gather information for our final report, combining the knowledge and experience of all partner organizations into a comprehensive report.

Moments during the Transnational Meeting

Maintaining top-notch work has always been crucial to us. During the meeting, we evaluated our project’s quality maintenance, identifying areas of excellence and those needing more attention as we move forward.

This Brussels meeting marked a significant step towards project completion. Our partner organizations, including:

Uniser, EfVET, Prishtina REA, ZNI – Zavod za Novodobno Izobraževanje, IUS Life – Lifelong Learning Center, Fundacja MODE – Move and Develop Foundation, Da Vinci College, incoma, SEPR, Privredna komora Crne Gore / Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and Serbian Chamber of Commerce worked together to bring us closer to our goals. We take pride in our accomplishments and positive impact.

Moving forward, we will use the knowledge gained in this meeting to guide our future actions and continue making a meaningful difference in VET systems.

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