“MobilTeach” Summer School,by INTERVET WB- It was challenging experience,but we finally made it!

(Experience remarks from one of Albania’s representatives at the “MobilTeach” Summer School, by INTERVET WB – Ida Kurti, teacher at the Technical-Economic Higher Secondary School of Tirana)

For me, participating at the “MobilTeach” summer school on 06—10 July was an experience that I would consider valuable for every colleague or representative of a school institution who wants to be included and participate in projects, and an opportunity for school personnel and students to grow professionally and exchange their experience.Personally, beyond the fact that I met colleagues from different corners of the world, with whom we discussed our experiences, I also learned much more than I expected on the practical side.

Teamwork and practical learning were quite fruitful as it was not only theory-based, but also applied in practice. Moreover, this was a space where we could get to know our colleagues better, as well as have our theoretical questions answered.

Furthermore, being part of the “Mobility Project Management Timeline” group meant assuming responsibilities in order to apply the right work pattern. Timing was well managed by each and every participant. It was challenging experience, but we finally made it! And special thanks go to the organizing group!

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  • Shpresa 05/08/2020 at 07:35 Reply

    Congratulations Ida Kurti! It sounds interesting. I think this was a great chance and a good experience for you and all participants. Wish you to share it with others. Best wishes!😘

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