“A visit far from your future career” project

It is a project funded by the US Embassy Program for Democracy, from July 2021 to February 2022, implemented by Albanian Skills in close cooperation with three municipalities of Kukes, Mat and Diber in the Northern part of Albania. The purpose of this project is to support these three respective municipalities in empowering young people, girls and boys with the necessary skills for the labour market, promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship and business awareness for youth employment. To provide all the above services, the Center/Office for Career Information and Guidance will be opened in each of these three municipalities in close collaboration with them.

In the municipalities of Dibër, Kukës and Mat live a large number of unemployed young people or entering the labor market at a young age. Young girls and boys in these areas need a lot of encouragement, motivation and support to develop themselves and their community. Due to the lack of attention in these areas, youth development activities are not numerous. Through this initiative the project aims to equip young people with some knowledge that can serve them wherever they want to develop their professional life. Also the creation and maintenance of an active and sustainable practice of linking between businesses-youth-institutions will be with a special focus for this project.

The target group for this project are 45 young people from each municipality who are in a transitional phase of their lives such as finishing high school, graduating from university and who are looking for a job. Gender representation will be of particular importance for the activities because it is important for girls to face the labor market and have the opportunity to develop gradually, being represented up to managerial levels, in order to bridge the social gap. The target group will be achieved through cooperation with municipalities, schools and local employment offices.

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