albanian hospitality – my personal love affair

As a Swiss and with my personal experience I can state that there are several reasons, a foreigner – at least the open minded ones – can fall in love with Albania immediately. However, in my opinion one thing is outstanding in a very unique way. I’m talking about Albanian hospitality and gastronomy.

When I lived and worked in Albania a few years ago, of course I used to have a good coffee before work in a coffee bar. This daily morning ritual I also used to check my e-mail and social media. After a few days in the same bar, the coffee shown in the picture above was served to me by the waiter. LIKE! Wow, what a nice surprise and unforgettable memory! This waiter did not just do his job, but he managed to give me a very specific and warm sense of welcome with his creativity and attention. Of course, I returned many times to this bar and still nowadays I try to return whenever I stay in Albania.

But what is the essence of this brief story? Preparing and serving coffee seems to be a simple thing but to recognize customer wishes and to meet them in a professional manner is however a completely different level. It is a very special skill and requires passion, creativity and empathy.

I had many of such wonderful moments in Albania and I know that there are countless of such passionate young people, welcoming guests at a hotel reception in a hospitable manner or preparing a drink with creativity and style. However, in our Hotel and Restaurant Services Competitions we are looking exactly for those talents! Do you appreciate good service as well or did you have a similar positive experience? If yes, share this story and motivate all professionals from the gastronomy to show us their talents and skills! Albanian hospitality, a true treasure!


  • Flutra 15/04/2017 at 06:59 Reply

    Very true article and excact experience! Many people need this lesson and education. We have a lot female owner of hotels&bars&restorants, and suffer to find qualified waiters.

  • Stephan 15/04/2017 at 07:24 Reply

    Thank you for your comment. Let’s hope that we can contribute with our competitions at least a little bit to improve the situation and increase the recognition of waiters and waitresses as “real”, proud and skilled profession.

  • Blerta 25/04/2017 at 07:44 Reply

    our Albanian Nature 0x0 😉

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