application process has been closed

On 10. April 2015 the application process for the competititions 2015 has been closed. We are very happy and proud because we have received a lot of applications. Once more we would like to thank to all the applicants. With your courage and initiative you are already all winners and from our heart we’d love to make all participate.

But as mentioned in the conditions of competition, there is unfortunatelly a limitation of participants due to organizational reasons. Therefore, we have the difficult task of selecting participants. For this selection we will apply the following criteria where possible:

  • Good gender mix between women and men
  • Consideration of different regions in Albania
  • Good mix of students and professionals from businesses
  • Good mix of different schools, universities and businesses
  • Where necessary, order of registration

We will inform all applicants via email regarding the selection of participants no later than 24 April 2015. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wish you good luck!

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