Film and Photography can Transform Learning-Debate Two

Are you ready for the second debate on 15 November, 2018? Under the title: Film and Photography can Transform Learning, this debate will be an interesting journey throughout filming and photography industry, in a new photography studio of Elvin Shytaj, in Durres. His personal and professional success stories will be the center of this debate arena, complemented by arguments of Ms. Fatmira Prodani, from Graphics and Multimedia fields and passionated youngsters / students of Multimedia field of studies. This debate is organised in the framework of the serial “Creative and Cultural Industries and Vocational Skills”, and activities dedicated to European Vocational Skills Week 2018. What are the skills the creative and cultural industries need today and gaps in the education system? what are the young learners expectations from the education system and what are the alternative and innovative ways of learning the film & photography industry can provide to vocational and general schools? Good examples and models to be followed. Film and Photography can Transform Learning!
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