more attractions @ AlbanianSkills 2016

What welding, flowers and computers have in common? Their handling requires specific professional skills! Did you ever try to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Did you ever try to weld? Do you know how 3D computer graphics are modeled? If not, do not worry! We give you the great opportunity to try out new things!

Thanks to new partners of AlbanianSkills we are very pleased to announce additional attractions in Welding, Floristry and 3D Modeling. While our experts will evaluate the results of the competitions, our competitors and guests are highly welcome to learn something new!  Big thanks go to DSA Down Syndrome Albania, the Austrian Institute of Excellence and Protik Innovation Center. These three partner organizations will ensure exciting entertainment and for sure boredom will not happen on 7 May 2016 at TEG. Check out the schedule for the attractions and exhibitions here.

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