new team members in 2016

After the great success and the good feedback in 2015, AlbanianSkills is expected to grow! For the event in 2016, we have already announced the new competition in Software Development. And we are still working on new competitions. A bigger event also leads to more work but our highest priority still is and remains to provide an absolute high quality event. Therefore, we are very thankful to welcome new, motivated and passionate team members, which all are willing to contribute voluntary time and energy for our awesome initiative.

It’s our pleasure to officially and warmly welcome Brikena Sallaku, Alma Shkreli, Çelik Rruplli, Veronika Leiser and Bastian Feder in our AlbanianSkills Team. We very much appreciate your important and valuable support, even if it is mainly in the background. In a well-functioning, fantastic team, not all are in the spotlight! Thank you guys and let’s go for AlbanianSkills 2016… with passion and drive!

By the way: With Bastian AlbanianSkills, an Albanian Swiss initiative become even more international. Check out the details about the extended team here!

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