Cdo vit i AlbanianSkills ka qenë një eksperiencë e vecantë…

    Pjesëmarrja ime në tre edicione të AlbaninanSkills ka qenë jo vetëm nder dhe kënaqësi por njëkoheshisht përkushtim dhe përgjegjesi.  Sado eksperienca apo bashkëpunime të kesh pasur apo marrë pjesë cdo eksperiencë e re të intrigon edhe të ngjall interes të jashtëzakonshëm. Më kujtohen sikur të ketë ndodhur sot emocionet e edicionit të parë 

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4 good reasons to work together

Are you a business owner or business executive? Here are four good reasons why we should know each other and why we should team up: Access to talents! Access to talent is key for every sustainable business success. The participants of our annual skills competitions demonstrate with their application that they are willing to prove their 

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overwhelming response and new record

Wow, we are simply overwhelmed! Young Albanians are obviously motivated and ready to put their talent under proof! So far, we have received well over 100 applications, which is a new record since we started the AlbanianSkills Competitions 3 years ago. Many thanks to you guys out there for this strong signal! It motivates us even more to organize a 

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Volunteering at EuroSkills Competition

Hard work! I can definitely say that those are the key words for this EuroSkills. All of the volunteers from AlbanianSkills and all around the world are dedicated to make this an amazing experience. It’s tough, hard, and requires your full commitment. But events like these end up being amazing because we all contribute to 

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10 Days till EuroSkills 2016

10 days before we can take off for Sweden. New experiences await us in Göteborg. The excitement and anticipation to meet different and new cultures is noticeable. Finally the time to assess ourselves in what we’re good at is coming. It’s the moment to spread our wings and fly.