Ajorda Ciba: We have to work together to succeed

I accidentally discovered Albanian Skills by a friend who is a volunteer there. She sent me a link where I could apply because according to her, Albanian Skills was a beautiful experience. Then I decided to look for more information about Albanian Skills on its website(www.albanianskills.org).

Personally, I have always liked to take part in different activities. The activities that Albanian Skills organizes are quite interesting and during the preparatory phase you realize that great and beautiful things are coming. The thing that made me wonder was how Albanian Skills would promote young people’s skills. Determined to find the answer of this question, I became a volunteer. Being a volunteer is not about getting a certificate, but instead getting an indescribable emotion.

Everything that happened in Albanian Skills has been special. But what I remember mostly today is the energy that all volunteers had to make possible that everything would go in the right way. This has been the most beautiful experience for me. From this experience I realized that if we do not work together with one purpose, we cannot succeed. Since I volunteered to register competitors and to provide information about Albanian Skills, I noticed that communication is the most important thing for humans. The way you communicate with others defines the way they perceive your message.


-Ajorda Ciba

 Volunteer 2017

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