From Dreams to Reality: INTERVET WB’s Journey to Transform VET in the Western Balkans

The Final Conference of the INTERVET Western Balkans (WB) project in Brussels was an inspirational culmination of a remarkable four-year journey. This project, aimed to introduce a culture of learning mobility into vocational education and training #VET systems across Western Balkan countries. The project INTERVET WB stands for “Internationalisation of VET systems in Western Balkans” and was funded in 2019 by the EU Commission under the Call “EAC/S34/2018, Pilot VET mobility scheme for the Enlargement countries and Africa”.

The initiative allowed to work together for almost 4 years – from January 2020 till October 2023 – 8 organisations involved in VET in some European Union countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain) and 6 organisations from some of the enlargement countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia).

The conference began with a compelling introduction to the INTERVET WB project, its results and future developments of VET systems. The INTERVET WB project’s success reflects an unwavering commitment to empowering VET learners and educators. This project has made learning mobility a reality, enriching the lives of VET students and staff across the Western Balkans.

Capacity Building of VET was the next topic of the conference. It started with a look at how VET goes beyond borders, emphasizing its impact on job opportunities in the Western Balkans. The presentation, led by EACEA, made it clear that VET isn’t just a local thing; it has global connections. A representative from DG-EAC talked about international activities in VET, emphasizing their impact on employability at the national level.

At the conference, discussions revolved around ensuring the project’s sustainability, refining dissemination strategies, and maintaining quality standards. These conversations were a testament to the dedication of all involved parties.

For countries like Albania, the INTERVET WB project has opened doors to unparalleled opportunities for VET students and teachers. This pilot project, driven by professionals across 14 countries, has transformed dreams into reality.

The INTERVET WB project’s impact will continue to ripple through the region, offering new prospects for learners and educators. The conversation on utilizing the project’s results to enable Western Balkan countries to participate in #ErasmusPlus demonstrates a commitment to expanding educational horizons.

The Final Conference was a celebration of achievement, an acknowledgement of limitless potential, and a call to action. This journey isn’t over; it’s a new beginning. The future of VET in the Western Balkans shines brighter than ever. Together, we can seize the opportunities ahead and make dreams come true.

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