Ira Aleksi: Albanian Skills served as an incentive to turn my passion into profession

Among the special Albanian Skills competitors we are happy to introduce you to Ira Aleksi.

Ira was only 18 when she participated in the first edition of Albanian Skills 2015 and was awarded the fourth prize in the Graphic Design category. One of the youngest competitors but full of passion for animation and graphic design, influenced by the recommendations of her friends, Ira decided to prove herself in this competition. Despite the full confidence in her skills as well as the very special artistic expression of her work, she felt a bit insecure because of her young age. But as she says, in Albanian Skills she found a comfortable and social environment together with staff, experts and other competitors.

Now Ira studies for Design Communications degree and it was this experience in Albanian Skills that served as an incentive to make her dream come true, turning her passion into profession. We wish her success and thank her for the participation and the positive energy that she gave in Albanian Skills.

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