Kick Off Event – Albanian Skills Week 2021

Official Opening of the Albanian Skills Week 2021

Albanian Skills Week has started its journey in May 2018 inspired by the European Vocational Skills Week, a great initiative of the European Commission to raise awareness of education and vocational training since 2016, which aims to make vocational education and training, and more attractive professional skills, to help young people and adults reach their full potential during professional and personal development.

From 24 -29 May, 2021 is held the Fourth Edition of the Albanian Professional Skills Week in Albania, filled with promotional activities, trainings, seminars and various workshops organized jointly by Albanian Skills and its key partners. To ensure that COVID-19 security measures are properly maintained, these activities will be conducted online and with limited physical presence at the same time. This week’s motto will be: “Skills for a Green, Digital and Safe Life with Equal Opportunities”. Through this motto we aim to demonstrate that every young person and individual has the right and must be equipped with the necessary skills to have a safer life in every aspect: at work, health, psychological, society, etc. Given the Covid 19 situation, it is important that everyone has the skills needed for a safer and better life. This year’s themes will have an orientation pillar, such as Green, Digital and Fair Economics, in line with the European Commission’s priorities for sustainability, digital skills development and opportunity for all.


1. Demonstrate the many ways in which professional skills can help young people and adults to ‘discover their talent’ and orient towards a new or improving skills, of the workforce, for the post-covid era;

2. To promote cooperation between all important actors that contribute to vocational training, such as schools and vocational centers, business, central and local institutions, civil society and the wider community, etc .;

3. To promote new talents in various fields and to support them in providing opportunities for acquaintance and networking with important actors of employment and entrepreneurship;

4. Raise awareness of young people about the importance of developing their skills to easily integrate into the labor market or entrepreneurship by creating opportunities to recognize good practices;

5. To inform young people but also the general public about the labor market and future trends in the world of work;

6. To promote innovations in vocational education and training, promoting their importance in the vocational education system in times of global development and technological revolution;

The opening activity of the Albanian Skills Week 2021 will be held in the City of Kukes, in the premises of the Vocational School “Havzi Nela”, on May 24, from 11:00 to 13:00.

Havzi Nela Vocational School, Albanian Skills and the Albanian Youth Congress support me with the pleasure of developing together this open and promotional activity in the presence of local authorities, local business, former students of this school who today run successful businesses, the teaching team and principals of various 9-year schools, youth activists from Kukës civil society, according to the following program:

10: 30-11:00 Welcome and visit to the school premises

11: 00-11:15 Welcome speech Mrs. Vjollca Gashi, Director of the School “Havzi Nela”

Greeting words from the Municipality of Kukes, AKPA Kukës

11:15-11:20 Welcoming speech and Presentation of the Albanian Skills Week 2021

Mrs. Ana Zacharian, Executive Director Albanian Skills

11:20-11:30 Welcome Speech and Presentation of the Importance of Skills Development

Mrs. Dafina Peci, Executive Director National Youth Congress

11:30-11:40 Labor market and new skills in Kukës: Challenges and Opportunities

Mrs. Merita Hoxha, Local Coordinator, National Youth Congress

11:40-11:50 The situation and perspective of vocational education in Kukës Mr. Jetmir Axhami, Head of Development Unit

School “Havzi Nela” Kukës

11:50-12:00 Questions about presentations

12:00-12:15 Coffee Break

12:15-12:45 Group discussions / workshops

1-Youth policies and incentive policies for the development of new skills in the city of Kukes: Challenges and Opportunities

2-The role and importance of professions in society: challenges, opportunities and examples of success

12:45-13:00 Working Group Reports and Closing

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