Preparing the 10 selected INTERVET WB students for their journey in Italy / English Classes Remarks

In the framework of the INTERVET WB project, ten students of Vocational Education Schools from Albania have been selected to participate in a 1-month internship in Italy which will take place this summer. On the eve of the organizing of these professional practices, the multidimensional preparation of students for this experience and to benefit as much as possible from it takes a special importance.

Improving the level of communication in English and strengthening their self-confidence during this communication was one of the most important steps of this preparatory phase that was just successfully completed. A total of 11 English language classes were carried out under the teaching of Kelvin Zifla over a period that lasted approximately 1 month, from April to May. The subjects held throughout these classes were diverse, covering a lot of topics, focusing mainly on three profiles: Engineering, Tourism and IT.

In a general overview and summary, the topics of discussion in these classes ranged from discussions about tourism and getting to know more about Forli’s destination through the history of this city, landmarks, guidelines for a tourist’s vocabulary, to move on to topics about technology and stories about some of the most famous and influential  engineers over the decades, Artificial Intelligence and the future, how the world of work is changing, including working from home and office work, concluding these classes with the individual search for the purpose/meaning of work and the future plans for each student. The methodology followed throughout the progress of these classes was mainly oriented towards spoken English, vocabulary enrichment and some written assignments.

At the end of these classes students demonstrated an increased self-confidence to articulate and clearly express their opinions, ideas and attitudes. Their impressions and remarks on these classes were also very positive, evaluating their level of skills and knowledge in English, higher at the end of the course comparing it with the beginning.  Among the most positive aspects of these classes that the students singled out were: the effectiveness of teaching, the willingness of the teacher to be helpful at any time and to stimulate their interest, the well-structured and interesting content of the presentations and classes, emphasizing in particular the lively and open communication on a variety of topics.

We are also very satisfied with these positive remarks and that in overall the English classes were completed very successfully. As the date of departure is approaching, we wish all our INTERVET WB students a wonderful and a remarkable trip to Forli!

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