Skills for Safer Life-Food Safety in Albania

In the framework of the Albanian Skills Week on 24-29 May 2021, The Food Safety Project together with two AKU experts will provide the public audience and VET schools learners and teachers from the food processing, tourism and agrobusiness education sectors with necessary information regarding the food safety :

Ms. Pamela Radovani – Head of Public Information and Inter-Institutional Coordination Sector

Mr. Romeo Boci – Inspector of products of animal origin DRAKU Tirana

Webinar dates:

25 May 11:00-12:00 Introductory webinar by Mrs. Pamela Radovani • AKU, mission, objectives and vision. How the organization works, regional directorates, distribution and fieldwork.

28 May 11:00 -12: 00 Information and Game Session by Mr. Romeo Boci

To become part of the webinar register at the following link:

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