Albanian Skills Week takes place for the 4th year inspired by the European Vocational Skills Week. European Vocational Skills Week is a European Commission initiative to raise awareness about vocational education and training (VET) and increase its attractiveness since 2016. Inspired by this wonderful initiative which aims to make VET more appealing, to help young people and adults reach their full potential, Albanian Skills initiated a Skills Week in Albania from 2018.

The fourth edition of the Albanian Skills Week will be a hybrid event to ensure all COVID-19 safety measures. It will take place from 24 to 29 May 2021 and simultaneously online. 

The motto of the Event is ‘Skills for Green, Digital and Safe Life’. It seeks to show that every person should be equipped with the necessary skills to have a safer life in every aspect: at work, health, psychological, society, etc. Given the Covid 19 situation, it is important for everyone to have the skills needed for a safer, resilient and better life.

This year’s theme is Green Europe, Digital and Fair Europe, in line with the European Commission’s priorities for sustainability, developing digital skills and providing opportunities for all. How to show that a person has valuable talent and that VET can provide practical skills and knowledge for all ages, to succeed in the job market and in society.


The Albanian Vocational Skills Week aims to achieve the following: 

  • Showcase the many ways the Vocational Education and Training can help young people and adults to ‘discover their talent’, upskilling and reskilling workforce for post-covid era;
  • Promoting cooperation between important business actors, schools, state institutions, etc.
  • Promotion of young talents in various fields and important in society
  • Awareness of young people about the importance of developing their skills to easily integrate into the labor market.
  • Information about the labor market and future trends. 
  • Develop awareness of Vocational Skills in Albania, and build good practices for promotional campaigns;
  • Demonstrate to employers the enormous benefits of investing in human resources by supporting the initial training of young people, as well as the upskilling and reskilling of adults.


This list shows only the current institutions, projects and individuals being presented with the idea so far, and expressing their commitment for participation.


Innovation Hub Korca

Kongresi Rinor

VET School “Havzi Nela” Kukes

The Safety Project –EU funded project


European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Unit E.3 – VET, Apprenticeships, Adult Learning

AI Center Sweden

The European Basic Skills Network 



VET Institutions in Korce :

Shkolla Agrobiznes Korçë

Shkolla e mesme profesionale Teknologji Informimi dhe Komunikimi, Korce | Facebook

Shkolla Isuf Gjata | Facebook

Teknike Profesionale Demir Progri | Facebook

Shkolla Ndërtimit | Facebook

Qendra Profesionale Korce

Korce Municipality

Different companies (in ICT, Tourism, Energy, Photography, Media, Food, etc.) :

Schneider Electric Albania

Eja Album

Arber Xhaferraj

Visi Studio 

Emar Design

Leeto Digital Agency

Girls Way in Tech



Elite Travel Albania

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