Xhenis Lepeja: Volunteers Are the Spirit of the Team

xhenisI discovered Albanian Skills through the social network “Facebook“. It seemed to me very interesting and I thought to give     my contribution as a volunteer. I am a person who loves new experiences and why not challenging myself. That’s how I saw “Albanian Skills 2017”, a mysterious challenge I was eager to try.

I have been engaged in various activities for five years and I can say with certainty that “Albanian Skills 2017” was one of the most beautiful activities. I liked everything there. My experience can be described with three words: “pleasure”, “cooperation”, and “understanding”.

Many things left good impression on me, from the event organization, jobs coordination, tasks, assignment etc. I also liked very much the Albanian and foreign volunteers, with whom I built really strong friendships. One thing worth mentioning is our coordinators Ana and Alma. Positivity, sympathy and courtesy of them made all of us feel very good.

I have benefited a lot from the Albanian Skills. Not only I made great friends there, but I also got fun and created endless memories that are hardly forgotten. I managed to understand more of the volunteer work and how important it is.

Volunteers are the spirit of the team and each and every one of us, with a little bit of contribution, created something as beautiful as “Albanian Skills 2017”.

Xhenis Lepeja
2017 Volunteer

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