Future Skills for 2020s_A New Hope

We are happy to come through this report on the vocational subjects of the future initiated by WorldSkills Russia and realized by Global Education Futures with a great support of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills member countries and regions. This report is for Vocational Education & Training practitioners & policy shapers, the WorldSkills movement, business people, academia, media and learners of all ages interested in trends and skills.

What are the skills needed today to build a thriving future for all? This report focuses on factors and skills that are emerging in some shape today.  We invite you to read this report, and to dive deeper into sectoral details and collaboration opportunities.


Every person has the potential to shape their world — we world — with every action. To thrive today we must find new ways to listen, collaborate and adapt together. Digital fitness 8 becomes essential, bringing power and opportunity. There is hope that automation can free us to be more purposeful and creative. As our skill sets adapt to the new landscape of the 2020s, so must our mindsets: towards our thriving, regenerative future.

What does this mean for you today?

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