The newest initiative of Albanian Skills! Focus groups with VET students in Albania.

It is our strong belief that student status can no longer be seen simply as a passive “receiving” and beneficiary in the overall chain of the education system. They are sometimes steps ahead in these transformational changes of the world due to digitisation of the entire life and therefore they should be seen equally involved and active in the education system as other main contributors, and moreover to be considered as the “centre” of the education system. With the intention of building sustainable network of communication and collaboration between students and young people in the vocational training and education system, Albanian Skills has undertaken the initiative of organizing a series of focus groups, where students themselves will take the role of protagonists to constructively exchange with each other ideas, thoughts, attitudes, concerns and informations.

The very first focus group of this kind was organized at the end of January under the theme “Innovation in VET according to students of vocational schools in Albania”. The student participation map was spread in several schools in the country including a number of students from Electrical-Technical School “Gjergj Canco” in Tirana and other students from the Industrial High School “Ali Myftiu” in Elbasan and from Technical Economical High School ” Isuf Gjata “in Korça. Students of different backgrounds and profiles came together virtually to evaluate their experiences and discuss in more detail about innovation, teaching, internship opportunities, curricula, infrastructure and social environment in the school environment where they study. At the end of this first focus group, the participants themselves appreciated very much such activity which enabled them to express their opinions freely and without any “fear”.

Vocational Education and Training has a long history in our country, marked by chapters of ups and downs. To address a range of different topics that affect the VET community, with the protagonists being the students themselves, stay tuned for the next focus groups!

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