Marketing Team of AlbanianSkills

With its slogan – We Promote Professional Skills – AlbanianSkills aims to promote and cultivate competitiveness, meritocracy among young people, successes achieved through work and high professional standards. The annual competitions of the past three years have produced their first fruits. Numerous stories from participants in competitions or volunteers who have contributed to annual events have proven how important these competitions are, not just for young people but also for businesses/companies that can easily identify employees with necessary skills. We are happy that you have read and shared with others the testimonies so far, but we promise that there are more to follow. At the same time, the accumulated stories and testimonies help us as AlbanianSkills in our work during the preparations of the fourth edition. But do you know who is behind all this great work of providing stories or testimonies to readers? This article will show you how everything is accomplished by the remote-based marketing team, a perfect organization of five student girls. Let’s learn more about each of them.

Ajorda Ciba, studies for Social Services Administration and finished her Bachelor studies for Sociology. Ajorda has provided very important assistance during the organization of AlbanianSkills 2017 without hesitating to participate in every event of AlbanianSkills. Since she has a sociological formation, it always provides valuable information on the problems young people have and the impact that AlbanianSkills must have to guide them. Arjorda helps the team by preparing articles and stories.

Entela Gjyla, has graduated for Sociology and now holds a Master’s degree in Sociology of Social Development and is a participant in various organizations. During Albainan Skills 2017 she has contributed to the events that were organized, as part of the team she also prepares articles and testimonies. Together with Ajorda, as they both belong to a social field, they try to identify youth challenges and issues that are necessary to be considered by AlbanianSkills.

Kei Hysi, studies for Business Informatics and participates in many important events of different fields. She is the newest volunteer in the Albanians, but very enthusiastic and willing to help. Kei is a volunteer in various organizations, these experiences have made her more capable in the contribution that she gives in AlbanianSkills. She has followed closely the work of the competitors who perform their practices in the companies by which they were selected, conducted different interviews and always gives ideas to further develop AlbanianSkills.

Sabrina Begaj, has graduated for Information and Communication Technology Studies. She has very good computer skills of different programs. During AlbanianSkills events since April 2017, but also in this group, she has made an important contribution to the organization by collecting information, processing them digitally and making them easily accessible. Sabrina also serves as a good source of information on new technological changes and their usages. She has been part of different organizations and poses strong leadership and managing skills.

Xhesika Ramaj, successfully completed her Bachelor of Business Informatics studies and now is doing a Master’s degree in Information Security. She has participated in many different activities and organizations where she has made a very valuable contribution. She has contributed to AlbanianSkills a lot of energy and readiness in every occasion and always gives many ideas. Xhesika accomplishes various tasks, but mostly she elaborates multiple posters trying to highlight even the smallest details.

The AlbanianSkills marketing team wishes you a successful year, hoping you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.

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